Software that can be used for sRNAdb target prediction

Software tools
RNAPredator The RNApredator software facilitates the prediction of sRNA-mRNA interactions in bacteria. Currently targets can be searched in more than 1300 bacterial species. RNApredator uses a dynamic programming approach to compute putative targets.
sRNATarBase sRNATarBase is a comprehensive database for bacterial sRNA targets verified by experiments. The sRNATarBase contains 138 sRNA-target interaction entries and 252 non-interaction entries. The involved number of sRNAs, targets and genomes are 68, 227 and 17, respectively.
sRNATarget A mathematical model has been constructed, sRNATargetNB, for prediction of sRNA targets using Naive Bayes method, which can be run on local machines. To provide wide support for related molecular biologists, a webserver (sRNATarget) has been introduced for prediction of bacterial sRNA targets.
sTarPicker A novel method for sRNA target prediction was proposed, termed sTarPicker, which was based on a two-step model for hybridization between an sRNA and an mRNA target. This method first selects stable duplexes after screening all possible duplexes between the sRNA and the potential mRNA target. Next, hybridization between the sRNA and the target is extended to span the entire binding site. Finally, quantitative predictions are produced with an ensemble classifier generated using machine-learning methods.
TargetRNA Many small, non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) act as post-transcriptional regulators of messenger RNAs by base-pair binding to these targets. is a program which, given the sequence of a small RNA gene, searches the entire genome of a species for potential targets of the sRNA gene's action.
IntaRNA IntaRNA predicts interactions between two RNA molecules, e.g. a non-coding RNA (ncRNA) and a mRNA. The scoring is based on hybridization free energy and accessibility of the interaction sites in both molecules.